Improve engagement with residential customers

Educate residential customers and offer incentive programs

YellowTin provides climate-leading electric utilities with consumer engagement capabilities, insights, and data enabling them to influence consumer behavior towards lowering residential carbon emissions. Our customizable platform educates and incentivizes your residential customers to adopt clean energy technologies for their homes and personal transportation.

Accelerate electrification with YellowTin

Build relationships with customers to increase adoption of clean energy technologies and reduce carbon emissions.

Improved engagement

Provide customers the information they need as a trusted advisor and enable access to incentive programs.

Broad outreach

Connect with renters and homeowners about the importance of electrification and available options.

Rich data analytics

Track adoption of electrification technologies and measure progress towards reaching sustainability goals.

What can utilities achieve?

Utilities (1)

Enhanced customer engagement

Educate customers on the cost savings and benefits of electrification

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Increased program participation

Maximize the potential of energy efficiency and electrification initiatives

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Carbon reduction goals

Track progress on interest and adoption of emissions-reducing technologies

Your customers can explore modern clean energy technologies

YellowTin’s customizable platform reaches  your residential customers based on interests, location, and energy consumption, meeting them where they are in their electrification journey. Our data analytics empower targeted program development based on customer insights and intentions to successfully deploy electrification and energy efficiency program offerings.

Give your residential customers a cleaner lifestyle with YellowTin!