Sales leads that are accurate, relevant and ready to convert

Find and sign more customers

YellowTin’s platform is geared to deliver highly qualified leads for your businesses. Today, solar installers leverage our platform to receive detailed information on homeowner needs, energy usage and their electrification ambitions. The platform is also available for white labeling, enabling installers to educate residential customers, and automatically receive qualified leads to close sales.

Get qualified leads with YellowTin

Reduce customer acquisition costs and gain sales leads that enable installers to assess customers’ needs accurately.

Reduce sales times and acquisition costs 

Spend more time focused on closing deals.

Customer insights 

Know what clean technologies are of interest to customers.

Grow your business

Uncover opportunities to upsell and cross-sell.

What can Installers achieve?

Installers (1)

Qualified leads

Broaden sales based on real customer data

Installers (2)

Lower marketing spend

Educate and engage customers on the benefits and savings of clean technologies

Installers (3)

Up-sell and cross-sell

Rich analytics provide opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling

Access and educate homeowners on clean energy technologies

Learn more about how YellowTin can boost sales opportunities. YellowTin’s platform offers the options to participate in a marketplace or to have the platform white-labeled on a website to engage and qualify customers. With YellowTin’s customizable features, installers can decide how best to grow business with informed and inspired prospective customers.

Accelerate sales with YellowTin’s qualified leads!