Amplify impact of employee sustainability programs

Meet corporate sustainability goals and empower employees

YellowTin’s customizable platform enables the adoption of clean energy technologies. Employees create a personalized dashboard and get tailored recommendations to save costs and reduce their carbon footprint. Using YellowTin’s platform, businesses can integrate climate-focused programs so that employees can maximize their benefits while greening their homes and lifestyles. Additionally, YellowTin’s analytics track corporate progress toward sustainability and carbon reduction goals.

Drive triple bottom line with YellowTin

Enhance your ability to meet carbon reduction goals while empowering your workforce to save money and the environment.

Improve employee and public perception 

Offer a great benefit to employees that reduces emissions.

Track progress for carbon footprint goals

Leverage rich analytics and reporting to know where your business stands on sustainability goals.

What can businesses achieve?

Businesses (1)

Employee well-being

Offer innovative benefits that promote a climate conscious lifestyle

Businesses (2)

Versatile sustainability programs

Assess progress with analytics and track employee clean technology adoption

Businesses (3)

Own corporate responsibility

Reduce workforce carbon footprint without purchasing offsets

Your employees can explore modern clean energy technologies

Learn more about incentivizing employees to adopt cleaner technologies to save money and reduce emissions. Aligned with sustainability targets, YellowTin reaches and engages a distributed workforce to deliver benefits that benefit the company and the planet.

Deliver climate benefits to employees with YellowTin!