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Whether you rent or own your home, you could get real savings and important health benefits by electrifying your lifestyle with the new Acterra eLifestyle platform

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“YellowTin worked with me as a true partner. I am enjoying the benefits of solar because of how the platform helped me.“

Maria A., Homeowner
San Jose, CA

With the Acterra eLifestyle platform electrifying your life has never been easier!

Explore state-of-the-art clean energy technologies and purchase them directly through the Acterra eLifestyle Marketplace.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

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Incentives and rebates

We’ll help you apply to take advantage of new programs to electrify your lifestyle for less

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A lifetime of energy savings

Easily calculate how to lock in lower energy costs and reduce your monthly spend

Eliminate harmful indoor and outdoor air pollution

Get rid of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, or benzene coming from your appliances

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