Make the switch to an electric lifestyle

The City of Mountain View is excited to help you take the guesswork out of electrifying your home and lifestyle.

How it works

The City of Mountain View is providing this platform to help educate and empower homeowners and renters to make informed decisions about switching to more cost-effective, lower carbon emission solutions in their homes and lifestyles.

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A complete suite of clean technologies and other resources!

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Answer a few questions and enter your address, that is all we need! Learn how you can boost your energy savings while cutting carbon emissions.

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Incentives & Rebates

Maximize your savings to minimize your costs

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Cost Savings

Reduce your monthly energy bills

Emissions Reductions

Reduce your carbon footprint to help the planet

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Explore state-of-the-art clean energy technologies

Learn about cost-effective and efficient electrification technologies and discover which options make sense for your home, lifestyle, and budget.

It has never been easier to electrify!