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Navigating the Green Lane: A Conversation with Lime's Andrew Savage on Harmonizing Personal Climate Action and Corporate Sustainability

Riding on Lime Scooter

In today’s exploration of personal climate action and corporate sustainability, we dive into the dynamic world of electrification with a true trailblazer, Andrew Savage, Founding Team & VP of Sustainability at Lime. Andrew boasts a career that traverses public policy, communications, and stints in the solar energy, renewables, and transportation sectors. Now at the helm as VP of Sustainability, Andrew manages Lime’s zero-emission commitments, sustainability goals, and climate-focused initiatives. Lime isn’t just your average transportation company—it’s a pioneering force in the realm of sustainable urban mobility.

With a fleet of shared e-bikes and e-scooters, Lime is reshaping the way we move through cities, offering not only efficiency and fun but also a commitment to environmental well-being. With a new partnership between Lime and YellowTin captained by Andrew, Lime has further cemented their position as a sustainability leader by now offering Lime employees a tool to effectively reduce their home and vehicle emissions.

You mentioned that where you live presents its own unique challenges to home and vehicle electrification, and we know that there is not a one size fits all solution for the process of electrification. Can you please share some of your personal experiences and the actions you have taken? 

Exactly. There is no single solution that will work for everyone. Personally, being in a northern climate, living in a semi-urban, semi-rural region, and having a family with younger kids all present challenges to our desire to electrify and decarbonize our lives. But we’ve done many of the things we can, from small measures like installing Nest learning thermostats and having an e-bike with two seats in the back, to larger investments like home insulation, air source heat pumps, and an electric car (an Ioniq 5, which we love). Unfortunately our house isn’t suitable for solar. I think it’s important to be pragmatic and realistic about decarbonization efforts and meet people where they are, otherwise you lose them entirely and make no progress.

How do you balance climate advocacy with real action that is practical? Do you have any advice for others that are looking to do this?

Both are critical. And both are real. But eventually you have to go from advocacy to action. I think it’s important to keep the movement to decarbonize ever-growing and, as technologies and solutions develop, people will adopt them. That’s why the innovations of the clean-tech industry are so critical.

Lime has introduced tens of millions of riders across the world to a new form of sustainable transportation – What is the responsibility of companies that empower people to take climate action?

We do hope by providing a service people love that also has pollution benefits we can show people it’s possible, or that, perhaps, we’ll be just the first thing they’ll do as part of a broader lifestyle shift to decarbonize. We want to show cities that car-free lifestyles are possible and provide a service which supports those efforts. As part of this goal, we work in partnership with advocacy organizations to support safe street infrastructure such as protected bike lanes, and policies that reduce cities’ dependency on cars.

Beyond our service, you’ll see we work hard to engage riders on the issue of climate change. We don’t hold back on social media or in corporate statements in encouraging action or at least awareness. I think it’s critical that companies take on this responsibility when and where they can.

What about when it comes to employees? How do you think companies should work with their employees on emission reductions, whether or not those emissions are accounted for by the company?

We talk a lot about carbon at Lime. We love the topic because we hate the problem. We’re here to help solve it. So we engage our teams a lot in both how they can help Lime as a company reduce our carbon footprint, but also, increasingly, how we can help employees learn and think about their own personal impacts. That’s why we’re giving YellowTin a try to help employees in a way which is so aligned with our mission.

Anything else you would like to share?

It’s hard to remain optimistic at times about our pollution problem, but it’s really encouraging to see the rate of change and the many solutions that are scaling to address it. You have to stay optimistic that we’ll be able to turn things around by leveraging our know-how and ingenuity, and I encourage people in whatever they do or whatever industry they’re in to find ways to get engaged.

A heartfelt thanks to Andrew Savage for sharing his journey and insights into Lime’s sustainable mission. His passion and commitment to environmental responsibility shines through, inspiring us all to reimagine the way we think about climate action. As Lime continues to pave the way for a greener future, we extend our gratitude to Andrew for being a driving force in the world of sustainability.